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Why You Should Train Muay Thai In Bangkok

Bangkok remains enthroned as my number one destination for a Muay Thai vacay. Sure, the weather isn’t as pleasant as winter-time Chiang Mai, and the nearest beach is over 2 hours away in decadent Pattaya. But for everything Muay Thai, strike that, for everything ELSE, you just can’t beat Bangkok.

Here are the top reasons why you should train Muay Thai in Bangkok:

1. Muay Thai Training

The number 1 reason. Bangkok is not just the capital of Thailand but the undisputed Muay Thai capital of the world. The city is peppered with the most elite gyms, harboring nothing less than the best fighters. Bangkok is where Muay Thai champions are forged. If you do your research and find yourself at the right gyms (of which there are many), you get to train alongside the world’s best fighters. You may or may not get a chance to train WITH them, but just watching the way they train is in itself a great learning experience. Regardless of your level and training goals, you will always be able to find a gym that best fits your needs under authentic Muay Thai instruction.

2. Muay Thai Fights

Whether you are a hardcore or casual Muay Thai fan, watching an authentic fight Live in the stadiums of Bangkok is an experience that cannot be missed. Bangkok is where you will find the sport and its athletes at the highest level. The prestigious Rajadamnern and Lumpinee stadiums hold the most authentic and top-level fights on a daily basis. If you want to see REAL Muay Thai fights at its very best, Bangkok is the place, hands down.

3. Muay Thai Gear

No Muay Thai vacation to Bangkok is complete without loading up on a luggage full of gear to bring back home. Bangkok prices for Muay Thai gear are simply unbeatable. All the top Thai brands are here and all at the most competitive prices. Fairtex, Twins Special, Top King, Yokkao, you name them all. Check our shop Super Export Shop and purchase the best gear for training!

4. Shopping

Besides Muay Thai gear, Bangkok is a shopper’s haven for fashion, crafts, and all kinds of silly knick-knacks. There’s wholesale prices to be had at Platinum Mall, all the high-end brands along central Siam, local handmade trinkets at night markets and a lot more. Over the weekend, head over to the massive Chatuchak weekend market for more food, vintage clothings, curios, and unbeatable prices. You can shop to your heart’s delight without breaking the bank.

5. Getting Around

Ditch the taxis, the silly tuk-tuks and the infamous Bangkok jam. Much of metro Bangkok can be explored easily using the cheap and convenient skytrain and subway networks. You rarely need to flag down a cab. Even the airport (Suvarnabhumi) is connected to downtown Bangkok via the airport rail link. You can easily shave off an hour using the train during rush hour. I simply love the public transport system here.

6. Attractions

Bangkok offers the best blend of old world charm with new world comfort. You can visit world-famous sights like the Grand Palace, temples, floating markets, night markets, museums, and galleries. You will run out of time to visit them all but you will never run out of things to do or places to see in Bangkok.

7. Food

I love Thai food. You love Thai food. Everybody loves Thai food. You can’t NOT love Thai food. From mouth-watering street food to Michelin-starred restaurants, Bangkok is a food-lover’s paradise. For just a few dollars, you can stuff yourself silly with delectable food and drinks at each meal. After all the calorie-burning workout, be sure to fuel up with some of the best cuisine Thailand has to offer.

8. Nightlife

Over here at Muay Thai Citizen, it is not our aim to promote adult entertainment or tout about the forbidden delights of Bangkok. Neither do we judge. While Bangkok isn’t quite as brashly lubricious as sin city Pattaya, it offers a very exciting nightlife to satiate all carnal needs. For those who prefer less promiscuous action, there are also hip, trendy clubs where you party with the young locals and just have a jolly good time. Bangkok is a city that never sleep.

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Author - Kay Tan