When Should I Change My Boxing Gloves?

When Should I Change My Boxing Gloves?

You've been training hard in the ring, and your gloves have seen their fair share of blows. You might be tempted to keep them until they're falling apart at the seams, but there's a good reason that professional boxers change their gloves regularly: they're designed with a limited lifespan.

A glove change is a special event for any boxer. Fighters get used to their gloves and often procrastinate when they need to be changed. However, professionals and manufacturers of boxing gloves strongly recommend changing this ammunition at least every 2 years. If possible, it is advisable to change this equipment even more often - every year.

The service life of the boxing gloves depends on several factors:

  • regularity of training;
  • the type of training;
  • the quality of the gloves;
  • the quality of care for the mitts.

Many boxers and MMA fighters, when buying any equipment, focus primarily on its cost. But this is by no means the only factor to be taken into consideration. The quality of the outfit should be also taken into consideration. If you choose high quality gloves right away, you will not have to change them so often in the future

When to change the gloves?
There are several indications that the gloves have reached the end of their working life:

Material tearing. If the surface of the mittens has torn, it is no longer worth using them. A tear will expose the lining, which can scratch the boxer and his sparring partner. In addition, the liner may fall out when ripping, which will degrade the quality of the shock-absorbing layer.

Unpleasant odour. If the gloves begin to smell bad, it is difficult to 'revive' them with an air freshener or airing. The bad smell will get so absorbed into the gloves that it will become unbearable. It should not be forgotten that this odour is caused by micro-organisms, which can be harmful to the wearer's health.
Velcro wear and tear. This element of the gloves has a limited lifespan. If velcro loses its grip, the boxer gets a clear signal to start looking for a new model. Permanent loosening of the mittens will prevent a fighter from proper training. In addition, the lack of a secure wrist restraint can endanger the boxer's health.
Time. If a boxer has not encountered the above problems within two years of using the gloves, he should still consider their replacement. Training and sparring with heavily worn gloves puts both the fighter and the sparring partner at risk. Over time the cushioning insert will harden, so that it becomes hard. As a result of curing, this insert is unable to absorb the force of blows properly.

How to choose new gloves?

When choosing new gloves, you should not focus on the price but on the quality. In that case, they will last much longer than the previous model. At the same time, the price is often an indicator of the quality of the gloves. This does not mean that you have to choose the most expensive model right away. But in any case, it is always a good idea to choose gloves that are higher than medium quality. They are made of high quality materials and are not prone to wear and tear very quickly.

You should spend a little more, but you can get the gloves that will last much longer than the cheaper model. You should not forget about your health. High-quality gloves provide reliable protection to your hands and wrists during training and sparring.

If we talk about high-quality gloves, the first thing that stands out are such brands as BLEGEND, BOOSTER FIGHT GEAR, KIng Pro Boxing, Buakaw Boxing Gloves. It is also advisable to opt for leather or microfiber models.

It remains to be added that the above tips primarily refer to boxing gloves, but they are actually quite versatile. Therefore, they can also be used by MMA fighters.
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