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TOP 7 Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed by SUPER EXPORT SHOP

Wondering what brand to choose for your boxing gloves? Today we are going to make a review of our bestselling brands for boxing and Muay Thai gloves. Read this article to make your decision and comment to contribute!


From 2,240.00 ฿

Buakaw Boxing Gloves are the best gloves in the world for boxing, Muay Thai. Offering comfort, protection, and support for your hands & wrists. Hand-crafted in Thailand, these premium Buakaw gloves are designed to endure years of sparring, elite competition, and training with heavy bags, pads and mitts. Made from high grade Thai leather.

These gloves are specifically made for hard training, perfect for sparring and heavier training. The heavier training gloves provide for a rigorous workout and the attached thumb design prevents injuries.

Super comfortable and supportive during your workout, sparring sessions or pads work! Perfect stitching and good quality of Thai leather.


From 2,069.76 ฿

Twins Special is one of the leading manufacturers of Muay Thai boxing gear and sports equipment. Our SXS customers love the Velcro straps on these gloves, which don’t slip the way some straps tend to. The padding is strong and durable, allowing for devastating punches in the ring.


  • Great all-round use gloves ideal for use on pads, bags and for sparring.
  • Attached thumb design for safety and to protect from injuries.
  • Durable velcro wrist strap for gives a secure, comfortable fit and ensures long lasting gloves that will really last the distance.
  • Made from high grade Thai leather.

This new design not only looks flashy and stylish, but it also provides practical use as well, with a firm tight fit covering the entire wrist and beginning of the forearm this stabilises the wrist even more so which is good news for the heavy punchers out there. When you combine these gloves with hand wraps the protection offered to the hands really has evolved the game and is ideal for hitting even the heaviest and hardest heavy bags around without fear of damaging your hand or wrist.


From 1,047.20 ฿

High quality sparring / training gloves for an affordable price.

Belgium’s Booster Fight Gear is famous for gearing fighters and equipping gyms in kickboxing and Muay Thai. It began by founder Yves Vyvey. Today, the brand has grown to become a global label with operations and distributors in different parts of the world. Some of the brand’s most notable partners include famous stars as Superbon and Petchtanong from Banchamek camp, Bangkok’s Muay Thai Academy MTA gym as well as numerous promotions like Kunlun Fight, and Wu Lin Feng (WLF). A good number of top fighters on Enfusion and Glory Kickboxing are also members of the extended Booster family.


  • 5 cm wide wrap around Velcro closure
  • Extra padding on wrist & underarm
  • Injected mold padding technology for extra safety
  • Made of premium PU leather

For those of you looking for a seriously affordable yet also highly functional boxing glove look no further then Booster Fight Gear’s latest release. Booster Premium Striker gloves giving it an entirely new feel that somehow manages to be soft, strong and supportive all at the same time. Offering surprising mobility and range of motion for the hand and wrist, the very moment these gloves hug your hands you’re left with an immediate urge to jump on the heavy bag or pads.

Best part about these new gloves? Without a doubt has to be the price, for far too long boxing, Muay Thai & kickboxing practitioners have called out for an affordable glove that is still highly functional and it seems Booster Fight Gear has answered their prayers with these gloves selling for just 850 Baht!


From 2,047.50 ฿

Another great model from Booster we cannot miss is BGL V3


  • Multi-layered high- and low-density foam core ensures the best protection for the knuckles and maximizes impact dispersion for ultimate fighter protection on the wrist.
  • Booster BGVL Pro Range are made with a full +/- 8cm wide Velcro closure to ensure proper wrist support. Extra padded palm for increased support and added defensive protection
  • The interior lining is made to dry quickly to help rid the gloves of moisture and perspiration
  • Booster Boxing Gloves are double stitched for extra durability with perfectly positioned attached thumb
  • These gloves meet international standards and offer incredible results.
  • 100% A-grade Cowhide Thai leather.

The wrist support and the fit are amazing, they protect the hands well. Sparring, working on pads or heavy bag, all of that is really nice.


From 2,206.40 ฿

Fairtex – another Muay Thai brand – has been making premium boxing gloves for over 40 years now, and it famous for its highest quality.


  • Perfect for bag and pad work.
  • The wraparound hook and loop wristband is easy to use and designed to provide a better fit for greater comfort and control.
  • Evenly distributed padding protects your entire hand and creates a tight and compact design All-purpose boxing gloves.
  • Tight fit design.

The padding is durable but not too firm, allowing you just enough room to transfer the power of your punch into your target, while protecting your hands.

Other boxing gloves make it difficult to utilize the clinch effectively, but since these are the Muay Thai boxing gloves, they are designed to maximize your options in this position.


From 2,464.00 ฿

TOP King Super Star Air Gloves are exceptional when it comes to protection and quality.


  • Multilayer inner foam system with inner wrist padding offers superb hand and wrist protection for training.
  • Featuring a clima cool technology which helps with the gloves breath-ability and drying out times
  • Specially designed wraparound closure system for a secure fit and easy on and off.
  • Made in Thailand from the highest quality cowhide leather.

These gloves really shine as a sparring glove because of their heavily padded knuckle, upper hand region and wrist region for blocking kicks in Muay Thai.

Gloves stay cool and dries quickly, their style is unique, but wrist support not as long as some brands


From 2,234.40 ฿


  • KPB traditional boxing gloves are made in Thailand with multi-layered superior shock absorbing materials, this to make sure you and your sparring partners stay safe during training.
  • A full wrap around velcro closure ensures a snug & secure fit.
  • Padded wrist.
  • Made with high quality leather & the best possible workmanship.

It is worth to mention that King Pro Boxing brand actively support poorest region gym of Thailand giving opportunities for kids and fighters to pursue their dreams.

“We sponsor several gyms in Thailand, both high-profile and small local gyms. It is quite obvious why we sponsor well-known gyms as it gives more exposure to our brand. As for supporting the small rural gyms, it is our way of giving back to the sport of Muay Thai and the community.”

King Pro Boxing is choice of famous fighters as Superbon and Trainer Gae and many more.


Glove sizes are measured in ounces (Oz). What size of a glove to wear is determined by two factors: your weight and type of training you intend them to use.

The general rule is that the heavier you are, the more ounces your gloves should be. This is to protect yourself and the people you train with.

It’s always better to consult with your coach, but this is what fighters generally wear: weighting less than 120lbs (55 kg) – 10-12 oz gloves for training, 14oz for sparring; weighting 121-150lbs (55-68kg) – 12-14oz for training, 16 for sparring; weighing more than 151lbs (68kg) – 14-16oz for training, 16-18oz gloves for sparring.

Hope this guide was helpful for you and you will find the best option!

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