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The most exclusive Fairtex products

If you are looking for exclusive products with sophisticated design, then Fairtex brand has a lot to offer.

Lets have a look on the most exclusive Fairtex products as for 2022.

The popularity of Fairtex equipment, which is related to premium sports goods, is growing quite rapidly around the world. Less than ten years have passed since the expansion of the Thai brand to the world market, as its products were on a par with the equipment of well-known Western manufacturers. Fairtex found many buyers among followers of all martial arts. With all the versatility of equipment and protection from the trademark from Bangkok, the ideology of this company has remained true to the traditions of Muay Thai for more than half a century, and the concept of its development is based on the promotion of the national sport of Thailand far beyond the borders of the homeland.

The best selection of exclusive Fairtex products.

1) Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV14 KOREAN Painter



This glove option can be used for bag, bag and paw training. They are useful for sparring not only in boxing, but also in other martial arts. Lightweight and durable, the protection does not pull your hands away, and thanks to a snug fit, it makes classes as comfortable as possible.
Product advantages:
The gloves are made of leather, which provides durability.
Polyurethane foam absorbs shock well, protects hands from injury.
Gloves are very comfortable, their inner layer dries quickly.

2) Fairtex BGV-The Heart of Warrior Premium Muay Thai Boxing Glove - Limited Edition

This model was created jointly by Fairtex and Tom Atencio for the Heard of a Warrior collection.

These gloves are distinguished not only by their excellent design, but also by their special durability, since the top of them is made of genuine leather. The impact force is taken over by the ndash filler; polyurethane foam. The model is attached to the wrist with a wide Velcro, which means that you will have the opportunity to adjust it to any size.

3) Fairtex Boxing Glove Urface

Fairtex Boxing gloves URFACE - exclusively designed in collaboration with URFACE.

Glove material: premium microfibre leather with genuine leather trim. Three-layer foam core for maximum cushioning. The material is odorless after use, smooth to the touch and very durable. Exclusive design, cut and pattern of premium Fairtex gloves with the highest quality workmanship.

4) Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV-Premium JUNGLE 

When creating boxing gloves, all the wishes of professional fighters were taken into account, as a result of which gloves were created that are the best in terms of safety and comfort. The inner layer of gloves perfectly removes moisture from the skin and dries quickly. Thanks to a comfortable anatomical cut, the hands do not get tired even after long workouts.

5) Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV24 The Beauty of Survival 

Made from 100% Thai leather with exclusive design, cut and pattern of Fairtex, these premium gloves feature the highest quality workmanship. The art design is of a crow fighting the Serpent for survival. Roses represent beauty or another side of violence that tries to convey the picture of Muay Thai - it's... the passion that is the beauty of this sport. Comes in a limited edition collectible wooden box which could be a good gift option for a boxer.

6) Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV17 LV - LudwigVan 

BGV17 Fairtex X Ludwig Van Limited Edition Boxing Gloves - These exclusive design gloves are the result of a collaboration between Fairtex and Ludwig Van; a US style clothing company owned by Mike Daitri, former creative director of Adidas Combat Sports and current creative director of Storm Kimono. Gloves are made of 100% genuine leather with piping. Made from premium soft leather.

7) Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV25 F-Day2 

The Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV25 F-Day2 Limited Edition is a brand new pattern and padding design. The outer shell is made from premium microfiber and the thumb is secured to prevent injury during training or competition. These boxing gloves are made of durable, flexible, soft and odorless material. 

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