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The boom of combat sports - welcome to the new generation of fighting!

We have seen an unprecedented boom in the combat sports world in recent years. Much in credit to superstars like Conor Mcgregor in MMA, Floyd Mayweather in boxing and Buakaw Banchamek in Muay Thai.

Although they are simply opening the doors for fans to see the adrenalin pumping, hair raising action that is the world of combat sports. I mean, where else can you see people throw flying knees, spinning back kicks or lifting a fellow 90kg man above their head before sending them crashing down to earth?

So with this rapid rise in combat sports interest we are also seeing people picking up boxing gloves, strapping on shin pads and suiting up in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi’s ready to try their own hand at a variety of martial arts.

However, there is one area that I see is very often overlooked and that is fight gear. In all other sports people pay close attention to what gear they purchase, in football (or soccer to you Americans) it is common for people to splash out on brand new boots to give them the latest cutting edge design to kick with ever so slightly more precision or a tennis player buying a bespoke hand cut racket to give them an un-returnable serve. It seems that many though often look passed just how important their fight gear really is.

Boxing Gloves:

If you are training boxing, Muay Thai or kickboxing having a good pair of boxing gloves is essential! Assuming you are training in proper environments you will be crashing your hands against pads, heavy bags and even peoples skulls all of which need adequate protection. Contrary to popular belief boxing gloves vary massively in terms of style, fit and practical use. Check out this video from Precision Striking giving you great insight into what you should be looking for in a boxing glove:

Shin Pads:

Wether you’re drilling or sparring shin pads are an absolute must in your stand up striking equipment and if you disagree you clearly have never kicked someones pointy elbow before (FYI it sucks). Finding a pair that is comfortable, protective and stylish can be challenging here’s a great list on shin pads from Up on Top:

Muay Thai & kickboxing shorts:

High kicks, knees and various stretches all should come into consideration when you’re choosing the right pair of shorts. Also unless you’re in the gym just to take selfies for instagram you will be hot and sweaty so having a pair of shorts that is comfortable and lets your skin breathe will make all the difference in your training life. Here’s a quick comparison by Dika Sochirin:

 Super Export Shop:

Finding all the perfect gear for your needs isn’t always easy you may like the gloves from Booster fight gear but prefer the shin guards from Twins. There is one store that stands out above all the rest for fight gear equipment and that is Super Export Shop based in Bangkok Thailand. I’ve visited the shop myself a few times and each time I noticed people would spend a minimum of 30 minutes browsing because their sheer amount of stock is unparalleled! From Fairtex, Twins, Booster, Buakaw, Top King, Raja, Danger, Windy, King Pro Boxing you name it they have it. Their staff are knowledgeable and very attentive and the shop owner Sasan Ghosairi a well known fight promoter around the world who is often on site and happy to give his expertise advice on what equipment suits you best for your needs. They have recently expanded their online store and with the most competitive prices around you’d be a fool not to head their for your all your fighting equipment needs.

Check out this cool video made by Glory fighter, Paul Banasiak on his trip there: 


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