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Super Export Shop for Muay Thai and Martial Arts Lovers

If you are looking for the best Muay thai gloves, shorts, shinguards or other Muay Thai or Boxing equipment, we will be proud to assist you to make best choice.

We have all brands in one shop! Super Export Shop is the largest Thai store whose goal is to provide customers the highest quality with variety sizes (even for kids), colors and bright design. We have boxing gloves, head guards, shinguards, shorts, pads, elbow guards, accessories and much more with the most competitive prices from all brands like; BOOSTER, FAIRTEX, RAJA, KING PRO,DANGER!

Order your Boxing and Muay Thai gear on our website which is made in Thailand; top muay/boxing equipment in all over the world.

It doesn’t matter what level you are, using the right quality standard of Thai boxing equipment will help you become better in your job. Let our fighting spirit ignite a fire within you to reach your goals and show everyone your talent.

By the way we want to share an important secret with you - we will assist you in finding the best Muay Thai gear just ask our team for help and we will be happy to assist!

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Worldwide shipping available.