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Keeping yourself sane in insane times - A guide to home training

Right now, we are experiencing the largest scale global disruption to society since WW2 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With nearly all stores closed, events cancelled, and a large portion of the world told to stay in their homes by law this is understandably a testing and frustrating time for millions worldwide. Browsing social media and watching Netflix all day while fun at the beginning can quickly become mundane as our body and mind starts to crave the challenges and mental stimulation, we receive in our usual day to day lifestyles.

One of the best ways to keep both your mind and body healthy is regular exercise but with closures of all gyms, training facilities and sports centres everywhere this has become increasingly difficult to achieve. Recently we have seen a boom in a variety of home workouts splashed across social media with press up challenges, pull up challenges and even people hosting fitness sessions from their balconies to fellow neighbours

Here are a few different home workouts you can do that are not only great for cardio but also can be a whole lot of fun too!

Jump rope (skipping) :

Now you may not have picked up a jump rope since you were a young kid in school, but this is actually a fantastic way to get a quick sweat on, in fact research has shown that jumping rope can burn over 1000 calories in an hour! Obviously, you don’t have to jump for over an hour but even just 10 minutes can burn a few hundred calories. Here’s a great workout for beginners to jump rope from Jump Rope Dudes:



Heavy bag workout:

If you want to relieve stress, tension and anxiousness hitting a heavy bag is absolutely one of the greatest ways to do so and an even bigger bonus that you get a serious workout in the process. Heavy bags are not too difficult to set up inside your home or garden and will easily last many years even with regular use. Heavy bags are also a great way to start building up some basic boxing and kickboxing techniques that could set you on a path to martial arts for a lifetime! Check out this heavy bag boxing workout for beginners by NateBowerFitness:


If installing a heavy bag at home is not a viable option, then getting some boxing or kickboxing pads might be the choice for you. Not only can hitting pads be a whole-body workout but honestly it will be the most fun you’ve had during a workout in ages! It’s also a great way to get your family or roommates involved as you can help to motivate each other to get those extra punches and kicks in. Getting the hang of holding pads is not difficult at all and after just a short time you will see the results by flowing more confidently and fluently as well as throwing some mean combinations of your own! Here’s a great video for getting started on how to hold kickboxing and Muay Thai pads from fightTIPS:

Super Export Shop:

If you want to get started on the above workouts but don’t know where to start, Super Export Shop has all of the equipment you need to start your home training. From weighted jump ropes to traditional ones, a wide variety of heavy bags of all shapes and sizes to fine the one that’s best suited to your own household. You can find all kinds of boxing mitts, kickboxing and Muay Thai pads and even full body and leg shields if you really want to unleash your fury! You will be guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for with hundreds of different styles of boxing gloves and Muay Thai shorts in every brand imaginable. Best part is they are still doing worldwide delivery and with their super-fast delivery system you could have it all delivered to your door within a week!

Take look for yourself by visiting so for now stay safe, stay home and keep yourself SANE by training at home!

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