Guide: How to Choose Boxing Hand Wraps

Guide: How to Choose Boxing Hand Wraps

What are boxing handwraps?

Boxing handwraps are special wraps that secure the hand, knuckles and wrist in the correct position, prevent various injuries and dislocations, help maintain equipment and support hygiene inside the glove.

Handwraps are made of a cotton or polyester based cloth tape that is between 2 and 5 metres long and 3 to 5 centimetres wide. The handwraps, which are used in martial arts, are equipped with a thumb loop and a Velcro fastener at the end to provide a secure hold on the athlete's hand.

They are recommended to be used regardless of the kind of martial art (boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc.), both for sparring and for working with punching bags and bags.

Why do I need handwraps?

The main purpose of boxing handwraps is to protect the hand, knuckles, and wrist. Properly wrapped, it keeps your fist in the correct position and prevents your thumb from getting hurt. The outside of the knuckle is not scratched or damaged.

Note! Handwraps are recommended to be worn under a boxing glove, when sparring and when working with punching bags/bags. Thanks to them, your fist will be almost monolithic, and will be protected against any injuries.

The fit of the glove in the bandages should be tight, leaving no room for backlash inside. If you use large gloves (14oz or more), or if you have a small hand, it is advisable to compensate for the difference in volume with a longer bandage.

They will also benefit you from a hygienic point of view. Bandages are excellent at absorbing moisture that may form inside, helping to remove unpleasant odours and prolonging the life of your equipment.

Types of boxing handwraps

Depending on the material:

  • Natural cotton;
  • Polyester or combined versions of polyester and cotton;
  • Spandex or similar.

Cotton boxing handwraps are made of cotton fabric, without the addition of elastic materials. They do not stretch and absorb moisture well. They are usually thicker and create more volume on the athlete's arm.

Handwraps made of polyester are usually slightly elastic and stretch slightly under load. This property allows for better fixation of the hand when clenching the fist. The bandage itself is thinner than a cotton bandage which must be taken into account when choosing the length of the bandage. Bandages made of the same material are recommended by the AIBA.

Spandex or a similar material has good stretching properties. As a result, models made of this material are quite thick and elastic. When choosing such bandages, one has to take into account the peculiarity that strong compression in case of incorrect winding can uncomfortably limit the blood circulation.

We recommend the use of slightly elastic bandages based on polyester. In many aspects it is the best value for money. Excellent fixation when clenching the fist. When choosing this material, remember to pay attention to the length as it usually needs to be slightly longer than the cotton counterparts.

Depending on the model:

  • Classic
  • Quick handwraps

Classic handwraps models are fabric bands with a thumb loop and a fastener at the end for fixation

Quick handwraps are gloves that are worn on the athlete's hand instead of the classic wraps. They are designed to eliminate the bandaging process.

Quick handwraps are made of different materials. Either they are cotton with polyester added, or neoprene. In the knuckle area, there is always an insert of gel or foam rubber to soften the impact load.

Quick handwraps  let you prepare quickly to a workout, but they cannot ensure such a secure hold in comparison with ordinary tapes.

How to choose the handwraps length?

Handwraps lengths are usually chosen according to the individual preference of the athlete. When selecting the length, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • arm size (age of the athlete);
  • material;
  • way of wrapping

For children

Cotton: length 2m, 3m or 3.5m.

Elastic: 2.5m or 3.5m.

for adults.

Cotton: 3m or 4.5m Elastic: 3.5m or 4.5m.

What brand to choose?

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