Fairtex, Twins, Booster, Danger, King Pro Boxing, Yokkao, Top King in one shop! | SUPER EXPORT SHOP

Fairtex, Twins, Booster, Danger, King Pro Boxing, Yokkao, Top King in one shop!

Super Export Shop your candy shop of fight gear

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would occasionally take you into a candy shop and let you choose whatever you wanted? Wouldn’t it be great to find a place where you could relive that magical experience? Well for you combat sports enthusiasts let me tell you, you’re in luck!

Nestled away in the heart of Bangkok you can find the Super Export Shop - Muay Thai shop with all popular brands in stock. As soon as you enter you know you’re in for something special. Adorned on every  -wall, every available space in the shop you will find a spectacular array of fight equipment that a person can dream of. No matter where you let your eyes wonder they will be met with boxing gloves, Muay Thai shorts, shinpads, boxing pads, handwraps you name it, they have it.

What makes SXS stand out for me though is their incredible variety of fight brands they offer, Fairtex, Twins, Booster, Danger, King Pro Boxing, Yokkao and a particularly beautiful new Buakaw range that’s just been released as well as many, many more.

It’s rare to go into a store these days that regresses you back to that childhood state of just wanting to touch and grab everything yet it's almost impossible to ignore those urges as your hands will most certainly find their way inside gloves, strapping on boxing mitts and kicking pads, sliding into some of the latest Muay Thai shorts in the fitting room and whispering an ever so soft ‘ooweee’ as you throw subtle knees to test the fit properly.

Another great aspect of this shop is the staff, the CEO for example, Sasan Ghosairi who is a former fighter and one of the biggest promoters of Muay Thai and kickboxing, being the exclusive promoter of fighting legend Buakaw Banchamek. The SXS team is also are ex fighters, referees and judges giving you some of the absolute best knowledge from the industry on what fight gear will best suit your needs.

If you can’t make it to Bangkok however fear not for you can find all of their equipment online at www.superexportshop.com with their staff at hand to message and help you with any questions you may have. So if you are looking for any martial arts equipment I can absolutely guarantee you will not need to look further then SXS the one stop fight shop.

Written by Jason Lau Muay Thai Enthusiast


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