Buakaw vs. Pacquiao - A Battle of Legends

Buakaw vs. Pacquiao - A Battle of Legends

The worlds of Muay Thai and boxing are set to collide as two legendary fighters step into the ring.

Buakaw Banchamek, famous Muay Thai and Kikcboxing champion, and Manny Pacquiao, the boxing icon, will face off in at the end of January next year.

This monumental event will unite fans from both disciplines in anticipation of witnessing fight of the ages.

Buakaw Banchamek, hailed as one of the greatest Muay Thai and Kickboxing fighters of all time, will test his skills against the boxing prowess of the legendary Manny Pacquiao. Both athletes have remarkable careers, leaving an indelible mark on their respective sports. Buakaw's lightning-fast kicks, precise strikes, and unlimited power have made him a force to be reckoned with in the world of Muay Thai. Meanwhile, Pacquiao's lightning-fast hands, footwork, and unrelenting power have made him a household name in the realm of professional boxing.

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With Buakaw's expertise in Muay Thai and Pacquiao's dominance in boxing, this matchup promises to be a fascinating because of contrasting styles. The clash between the "Art of Eight Limbs" and the "Sweet Science" will undoubtedly intrigue of fight fans around the globe. 

The Buakaw vs. Pacquiao fight is not just about the clash between two exceptional athletes; it also represents a unique opportunity to bridge the divide between Muay Thai and boxing enthusiasts. 

As the date approaches, the excitement surrounding this match of legends continues to build. 

The event will be proudly sponsored by Super Export Shop and Blegend, promoter -  Mr. Sasan Ghosairi.